Active and Unfiltered Counseling for Lasting Change

At Soul Legacy Therapy, we’re committed to providing real and relevant counseling (with a side of powerful positivity). Our clients thank us for being their biggest supporters, for not hesitating to be direct, and straightforward with them when something is off, and for being able to spontaneously fill the room with laughter even at the bottom of the hardest times.

We look forward to helping you use your inner strength and resiliency to create satisfaction and connection at home, at work, and throughout your daily life.

We provide individual therapy to support our clients with:

  • Establishing and maintaining loving relationships.
  • Creating healthy work/life balance.
  • Reducing stress related to working as a first responder in the field of public safety.

Contact us to find out if one of our therapists would be a great match for your needs and goals.

Couples Counseling

Are you satisfied by your intimate life?

Intimacy and sexual connection wax and wane naturally through any relationship. But children or life stressors, or a loss of trust can completely take over your desire for connection in your relationship. If you feel like roommates instead of lovers, or if you’re healing from a betrayal, perhaps Couples Counseling can help.

Contact us to meet our therapists and schedule an initial consultation.

For Couples in the First Responder / Public Safety Communities:

Is Your Relationship Having Struggles That Most Couples Don't Understand?

If you or your spouse is in the field of public safety, it can be a struggle to remain close and connected due to the stress that comes with these professions. Because of the demands of this work, our families are at greater risk for infidelity, substance abuse and divorce. It can be a real relief to connect with someone who really gets what your family is struggling with.

At Soul Legacy Therapy, we specialize in supporting first responders/public safety workers and their families. (Our founder is herself the wife of a firefighter). Let us work with you to keep you and your family strong.

We offer weekly couples counseling sessions and also intensive 3-day retreats. Contact us today with questions and to connect with one of our therapists.